5 months of Enzo

It really does go by in a blink! I feel like I was just at the hospital welcoming my sweet baby boy into the world. All of my extended family drove up/flew in for the birth–how special is that?! They all greeted little Enzo Patrick with warm smiles and love, just minutes after he was born, and continued to shower him with kisses for the next week. What a magical time in our lives.

I will never forget the feeling of bringing him home with us. I carefully buckled him into his carseat, while Pablo drove super cautiously back to our condo. The puppies were camping out at Grandmas for the week, so we could get situated with our new bundle & enjoy peace and quiet with him. As we walked through the door, I remember feeling so giddy. Giddy that just days before he was in my belly and was now finally here! You wait soooo long to meet your baby & once they arrive its the biggest adrenaline rush, accompanied with more joy than I’ve ever experienced.

Enzo was so sleepy and peaceful in his new bassinet….we just stared at him as he lay there. It’s so hard to comprehend that you MADE this little miracle, and I still do not understand how he FIT inside of my tummy. CRAZY. My mom brought dinner over for us that night and we all took turns passing the baby around and cuddling him. Truly a night that will stick with me forever.

As the days and weeks passed, we mastered the art of swaddling, changed a million diapers and ran on very little sleep. It really is such a blur! But I do remember what an easy baby he was & how happy I felt when others held him & loved on him. He would sleep for 3-4 hour stretches, feed, then go back to sleep. Getting up in the night was definitely a marathon but I loved it. It was so quiet & I got to bond with him in the stillness. There were hard nights too. Nights where Enzo would be up for hours! I would cry and wonder how to get him back to sleep–and he always would fall asleep, on his own time. Over the following months, I got to know this little soul so well. I knew when he was hungry and could anticipate signs of tiredness. I could distinguish his different cries & knew what made him smile. Such a great feeling to know your baby inside & out….again, a bond that is indiscribable until you experience it.

As I laid him down to sleep for his nap on this rainy day in May, I held my son and just thanked God over & over for such a perfect blesssing. One that only He could give to us & entrust us with. One that I will love forever & treasure for my whole life.

I often wonder what he will look like as he grows up. I wonder which teeth will pop up first & what his little voice will sound like.

I dream about our future as a family of 3 & hope that I can give this baby a beautiful life. I owe it to him because he makes mine beautiful every day.

Enzo Lately:

He loves his exersaucer although he gets tired after playing in it for a while, because his head it still a bit wobbly and its like a workout for him! He chews on his little hand constantly and sucks his thumb from time to time (which is the CUTEST thing ever). SUCH a great sleeper. He goes down at 7pm and is typically sound asleep until 7am! He loves the bright painting in our kitchen, laughs when mommy says “your SOOOOOO cute” and lights up when daddy walks in the room. He just started to be curious about the dogs which is so cute to watch. He studies them and they are also intrigued by E. He is still swaddled, but we leave one arm out so he can self-soothe at night. Tonight we are going to try un-swaddling both arms…..yikes!

He hasnt started to roll yet but I know it’s coming. He can push himself all the way onto his side but cant get onto his tummy quite yet 😉 He laughs, and giggles when you tickle under his arms, he’s started to blow raspberries and will try to mimic facial expressions. So much fun to see him make all of these changes!


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