Giants, Babies & an Indian Summer

Sitting in my living room, with a lovely Indian Summer breeze coming in through the patio door, I am reflecting upon the last few months. A few appointments to check up on the little guy, tons of baby room prep and a 2 incredibly memorable baby showers later, I am feeling pretty dang content in this moment. This season of pregnancy has been one of heartburn joy and pure happiness. Call me hormonal, but the generosity and love of my friends and family brings me to tears. Like, a LOT. It’s pretty humbling having so many people pour out their love for you and your family. THANK YOU to all of you who have!

We are nearing the arrival of our baby boy & counting down the (single digit) weeks until baby Cela arrives! We are doing our best to sleep in, grab spontaneous late-night dinners together, and soak up our time as a family of two. It has helped us be more intentional about our time and appreciate all of the little things that have always been right in front of us. Most importantly, each other.

I keep telling my husband to snap pictures of me regularly, even if I am sans makeup, grumpy, exhausted or a hot-mess (sometimes all of the above). I always want to remember this time in our lives. Here are a few that re-cap life lately:

IMG_0149IMG_03112014-10-21 20.57.19Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.08.29 AMIMG_0620IMG_0616IMG_0603IMG_0546IMG_0533


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