Spring Skin Care Challenge

Spring is finally here! I am so excited….the beautiful, green hills, the gorgeous weather & all of the flowers in bloom have me giddy these days. As the seasons change, I find myself staring into the mirror wondering why I have neglected my skin so much in the past few months. Maybe it’s because I was too cold to care or maybe it was just laziness, but either way, I am back to giving my skin some love and it’s made a HUGE difference. I know, I’m a huge nerd.

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This year, I am going to commit to taking better care of my skin & as we head into the summer months I have come up with a little challenge for all of you readers (and myself, of course). The challenge is this: Once a month, book a facial or pick up a new skin care product, for the next 6 months. This will leave your skin youthful & hydrated as Winter approaches again, but it will do something even more important for you: It will get you in the habit of taking care of your skin and I know you’ll just love the results! I know the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of this little challenge, but I want to encourage you to get creative with it & just go for it!

Tips for booking a cheaper facial/peel: Find a spa that’s offering a facial special…simply book a shorter facial & tell your Esthetician that you want to add-on a peel….Call a spa and ask if they offer just a peel, a la carte…ask if your spa offers a discount when you book a series of facials/peels…inquire about seasonal facial specials.

As an Esthetician, who has worked in a high-end spa for years, I know firsthand how expensive skin care, facials and spas can be. Just remember that we only get one skin in our lives. We only get one chance to take care of it. If we neglect it, it will surely show! People shell out the big bucks for their hair and hair products so easily, forgetting that our skin needs to feel the love too!

This month I chose to purchase a new product and I’m so excited to review it for you all!

skin skin1

I recently purchased the Mary Kay version of the Clarisonic (It’s called the Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush). Guys, I am in love with it! It leaves my skin exfoliated, glowing and super fresh looking. Not to mention, it’s SO easy to use. I leave it in my shower, add a little face wash to it & go to town, 3 days a week.


  • $100 cheaper than Clarisonic
  • Has 2 speeds like the Clarisonic
  • Starter kit comes with two brushes, Clarisonic only gives you one and replacement brushes for Clarisonic retail at $25/ea whereas Skinvigorate replacements come two in a pack for only $15/box
  • Can use any cleanser of your choice with device
  • Noted to decrease oil production and acne
  • Device is light weight and easy to hold (and water proof)
  • Brush heads last three months before replacement is needed

There you have it folks! Mission complete this month….now, it’s your turn!


*photo credit: Elise Whittenburg; Inkspot Photography



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