My European Vacation: Lessons in packing

I’m back! After spending two weeks in Europe, traveling with the hubby, I couldn’t wait to blog about some of our adventures and of course….what I packed! First, you should know that I HATE packing for trips. I won’t lie, It overwhelms me. Probably because I stress myself out thinking, “What If I forget something?!” The best piece of advice, given to me before I left for Paris, was, “Em, If you forget something, buy it there. The French are civilized people…not cavemen.” This somehow helped me immensely.

Packing the ‘ole suitcase was still a week long slow process for me, being that I’d never been to France or Italy…I had no clue what to bring! Thanks to my good friend google and the advice from people who had already been there, I was able to put together some great outfits and make sure I packed all the essentials. I thought I’d packed my bags like a champ, until reality set in: I’d seriously overpacked.

 If I could do it over again, I would bring a SMALL, rolling suitcase, that could double as a backpack. Stubbornly, I brought the largest bag I owned, with all the bells and whistles that a suitcase can have, and quickly learned my lesson. 

It is important to remember that in Europe, elevators are a thing of the future. I carried my small elephant of a bag up MANY flights of stairs and onto several trains and even had to RUN with it at times. Not a pretty sight. But, nevertheless, I wanted to share with you the items that I loved wearing in Europe, and the things I COULD NOT have lived without. So, here they are…in no particular order:

1. A couple of fun scarves. I loved my leopard and floral print ones;

2.Comfy shoes, that can endure cobblestone. I chose these Steve Madden Booties;

3.My military Jacket from Nordstrom (I wore this a LOT);  

4. Fun Jewelry from H&M.



I hope this has helped all of you travelers out there! Take my advice and pack the basics, bring items that you know you’ll wear and don’t stress–whatever you need you can always buy when you get to your destination!

Cheers to packing LIGHT!



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