Month: October 2013

Fall in love

Happy Friday everyone!
As we transition out of summer and into fall, it is crucial that our beauty routine follows suit. With that said, I wanted to give you all a look into my personal makeup bag, to share my absolute favorite beauty items!
This fall, I have been drawn to maroon and neutral color palettes. I LOVE the look of a natural, daytime look and a dark nail color. This can easily transition to a nighttime look by adding a smokey eye, or a touch of Laura Mercier’s “Black Karat” eyeshadow–the color is dark green with specks of gold. STUNNING! It’s no secret that Laura’s “Spellbound” Illuminator is my latest obsession. It gives you that natural glow you’ve always wanted, while creating perfect looking skin.
About a month ago, my friend Brooke, from, told me about the worlds BEST drugstore mascara. I had purchased it and fallen in love within the hour. I will never give up my L’oreal Telescopic mascara! It works wonders and is totally affordable!
I hope you find a little Fall inspiration today, and have fun updating your look with this new season!
summer to fall

A Sideboard Love Story

As newlyweds, we started out with very little furniture. We combined several pieces, most of which did not match or really belong in our new home….at all. We found a small brown leather couch and a coffee table at a local consignment store and bought our bed from my co-worker. We didn’t need much as our place was an overpriced micro-loft pretty tiny. As the months and seasons passed, I realized that there was something missing in our new home. Something I had eyed at retail stores and coveted for years. A dark, wooden sideboard. I had always imagined having guests over for hand-crafted cocktails, listening to Miles Davis, all while discussing California’s global economic ranking. Ok, but seriously….I just wanted to be able to mix a dry martini for a girlfriend now and then.

Feeling hopeful, I set out on my sideboard hunt. Still on a “newlywed budget”, I began to wonder what I could realistically buy that would capture the look I was going for . Then, there it was. A HUGE, red and white “SALE” sign! It was a gift from God. So, I took that gift straight home and set up shop in my entry-way. To this day, it is still one of my favorite pieces, not because it was the most expensive, or that it is incredibly unique but because it represents our first year of marriage together. It represents the hunt for something you desperately desire. It represents the gratitude you receive when you’ve been patient enough to wait for it.

Allow me to introduce to you, my first grownup piece of furniture: My on-sale sideboard.