Fall, finally

It is the season that I eagerly await all year long: Fall. After spending my first summer living in Orange County, I am so very relieved as the tourists slip away and the weather gets dreamier with each moment. The sun has shifted in the sky, creating a beautiful, luminous glow through the tree’s leaves and the stores are full of autumn decor!  Fall brings so much…festivities, dinner parties & cocktails cider, beautiful colors and most of all, tradition. I am a huge advocate of traditions in our household, and although it’s just my husband, me and my two little pups, there is nothing more special than making memories. I crave it. I live for it. We have been talking, lately, about our future traditions for our family and how they will capture who we are. I love the idea of camping together, going Christmas-caroling as a family and spending holiday eves snuggled up, reading our favorite books. Since we do not have kids yet, we started two new traditions last year, in our new hometown, that really speak to who we are right now…..

1) Our 1st Annual Themed-Halloween Party

2) Pumpkin Carving night in, with my niece and nephew


Both traditions turned out to be hugely successful, and we are so excited to re-create these events again this year!

Last year, we hosted a “Madmen” themed Halloween party & it was a hit! The outfits, the vintage cocktails and the music were all on point, and I must say that our friends really know how to bring their A-game when it comes to theme parties. Side note: Who knew Gibson’s were so delicious?!

Stay tuned for this year’s  Halloween theme! It’s going to be epic.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first glimpses of the most enjoyable season!



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