Meet the girl behind the glow

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was play “beauty shop”. I would set up my hairdressing station, and all of my tools, and invite my clients into my salon (I didn’t realize it at the time, but my father was my only client).  As I would dye my clients’ hair, we would talk about life….the weather, his new job and how my children were doing. Apparently I had 7 of them. Gulp.

Fast forward to today: I love everything beauty. Makeup, skincare, hair, etc.  After college, I decided that getting a desk job would be the “responsible” thing to do. I lasted 2 months. A week after I left that job, I was enthusiastically enrolled in beauty school. I LOVED it! Every day, I would arrive early, sit in my desk and soak up every bit of information. After our morning lecture, it was time for us to practice facials on one another. I couldn’t WAIT to start learning the steps and playing with all of the fun skincare and makeup. I have been a licensed esthetician for 4 years now and am so grateful that I chose to purse my lifelong dream! The story does not end there though. 

Exactly a year ago, this month, my hubby and I up and moved from our home in Northern California and moved to Southern California. Why, you may ask? We have both wanted to live by the beach our whole lives and decided that there was never going to be a better time. So, we packed up a u-haul, full of everything we owned (which really wasn’t much) and our two puppies, and set out on our journey! A year later, we are happy and completely in love with our new home. Oh, I left out a small detail: two weeks after we moved, my husband’s sister, brother in-law and their two sweet incredibly irresistible kids moved too! We now live walking distance away from one another. My heart is full! 

As you enter my world here, in this blog, I hope that you will be inspired to try something new, take the road less traveled and join me in this fun, exciting thing we call LIFE.

Welcome to my journey!





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